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Lead Staff

Todd & Tania Moravitz

Zack Capoccia
Executive Chef

Holly Smith
General Manager

Jacob Bradley
Bar Manager


Innovating Since 2010

The idea of Nuestra Mesa (Our Table) began many years ago while Todd and Tania lived in Mexico. Todd’s adventurous spirit had led him from California to Mexico with two childhood friends. Together they opened a restaurant in the small fishing village of Sayulita. It was there that Todd met his now wife, Tania, who was born and raised in Mexico City. Both Todd and Tania discovered an undeniable fascination for good food. They enjoyed the vibrant flavors of the different regions this vast country had to offer. After the birth of their first child, they decided to move to the Pacific Northwest. Todd and Tania spent the next few years both in Seattle and Portland working in the food service industry gathering further experience and ideas. In April of 2010 Nuestra Mesa opened its doors on Fourth Avenue in Downtown Camas, Washington. Nuestra Mesa continues to focus on unique flavors from Latin American regions., working with local purveyors to deliver the freshest ingredients in each well thought out dish. Come share our table!

- Todd and Tania